Toner time!

Toner time!

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Refreshing and clarifying. Especially nice on freshly shaved skin, Toner Time cleans newly exposed skin to prevent ingrowns and infections. 


❉Infused with lemon and evergreen, giving your skin a natural vitamin C and mineral boost.

❉Sea salt and vinegar reset pH and tighten pores.

❉Essential oils including lemongrass & tea tree to clear pesky bacteria overgrowth. 

❉Local buckwheat honey supplies enzymes for glowing skin. 

❉Witch hazel tightens and clears pores. 

❉Fresh aloe is the ultimate moisturizer and helps prevent red spots. 



✸On areas commonly shaved to prevent bumps and infection. 

✸On skin after cleansing to start with a fresh tight canvas. 

✸Over using soap can dry out skin. A solution like our Toner Time keeps skin clear until it's time to shower again. Try using as a cleanse without soap. I commonly do this first thing in the morning: rinse with warm water and cool water to refresh face. Wet a cloth and wipe area clean. Apply toner to refresh and clear. I also find applying Toner Time on armpits helps to control sweat and smell. 



    Water, sea salt, vinegar, lemons*, evergreen*, rosemary*, sage*, fresh aloe jelly, apple cider vinegar*, witch hazel*, local buckwheat honey, essential oils: lemongrass*, tea tree*, cedarwood*. 

    * = Organic

  • HOW TO USE: Gently shake toner to incorporate all the ingredients. Apply onto a cotton swab/pad and then onto skin. Alternatively apply a small amount onto hands and then slap skin. 

  • STORAGE:  Store bottle out of direct sunlight and at cool room temperature. For longer term storage, a fridge works. Do not contaminate the bottle. This product does not contain additional preservatives, however the ingredients naturally preserve the freshness of the product when used in a timely manner and stored in a consistent environment.