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Larvikite is comprised nearly entirely of feldspar. It is the special effect called the Schiller Effect, that gives the stone it's blue colour. Larvikite is an igneous rock that forms deep in the earth. Even though the main mineral in Larvikite is feldspar, it also contains some olivine, clinopyroxene, amphibole, biotite, magnetite and apatite. Sometimes there is also a little nepheline present. 

Larvikite is named after Larvik, Norway, where it is found. Although, some deposits have been found near Thunder Bay Ontario Canada.

It is a member of the Triclinic crystal system.

Metaphysically, is commonly used in meditation to produce inner visions. Larvikite is known to enhance psychic abilities. It is also a stone that is said to help with stimulating creativity, wisdom, and strength with ones inner self.

Chakra - Base

Planet - Earth

Element - Water

Astrological Sign - Aquarius

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