DIY Beeswax Wraps workshop

beeswax wraps DIY food wraps workshop

Are you interested in learning about beeswax and the great things we can use it for?

I am a registered beekeeper and got into the hobby to be able to make myself beeswax wraps since I wanted to be a bit more eco friendly. The first time I was introduced to these, I instantly fell in love since it was a brilliant replacement from all the plastics I was using to conserve my food.

In the workshop I will talk about all the different uses for them and the proper way to dispose them. I will teach on how to make your own food wraps with the least amount of mess.

When you register you will receive a kit with all your supplies to make your own wraps.

Cost: $25 includes Workshop + Kit
Porch drop off included in Hamilton and surrounding area.

Date: February 6th @ 1pm to 2:30pm

******Must register by Thursday, February 4th (to ensure you get your kit on time.)


To register, please send email to: