Mountain Castle Creations

We're starting a new thing here at The Tiny Nature Company. I (Alicia) have decided to start showcasing some of our vendors, so our customers are able to get to know them better. What a better way to form a strong community!

I've fallen in love with our little fairies, and have decided that their creator will be our first (of many) showcases!!! 

Here is a little introduction to Mountain Castle Creations!

" Throughout my life, I have had a love for art and anything handmade. Sharing my passion with friends and family as gifts throughout the years, has always brought me so much joy! I am now so thankful for the opportunity to share my love and enjoyment of creating/crafting with a wider community.

Mountain Castle Creations is a wee little studio, ( a small room in my house) where I have been dreaming up each of these whimsical Fairy Doll Ornaments that can be found at The Tiny Nature Company today.

I began making the dolls for special people in my life. After a lot of encouragement from loved ones, I contacted The Tiny Nature Company to see about having my collections on display in their beautiful shop. I am so grateful to them for carrying my creations!

I feel it is important to find things that inspire you, things that contribute to your sense of purpose and fulfillment. I live with a chronic illness, and it is especially true for me to find inspiration every day. Life can be tough sometimes, so it is essential to find joy in the simple things.  Creating these little Fairy Doll Ornaments brings me such happiness! And I am delighted that people are enjoying them in their own homes for years to come!

- Angela - Creator At Mountain Castle Creations. "


You can check out the entire collection HERE