Hive Sponsorship Program

The Tiny Nature Company is looking to help educate the population about the importance of our mighty Honey Bees.


We are booking now for 2022!

Did you ever want to have a beehive but have had reservations due to not having any extra time or maybe you live in the city? Host a hive program will give you this possibility to have one and not do any of the work.
We will visit your location to find the best placement for the hives. When the season starts up (usually May), we will bring all of the hives, the equipment, and the bees.  You can learn about bees and not have to do anything — unless you want to!  Through our host a hive program, we will take care of everything, from hive delivery, set-up, care and honey extraction.
Every beehive is made up of thousands of living creatures and requires proper care to prevent disease, swarming, and to maintain the health of the hive. We will visit your hives every 1-2 weeks to check up on it's health, apply any needed treatments, and add more boxes if they need the room.  Whether you live in the city, a small town, out in the country or have an organic garden and you care about the welfare of our pollinators this program is ideal for you!




How it works;  

We will schedule an appointment for a property assessment. If all goes well, we will set up a time and day (weather permitting) to deliver and set-up the hive.  

 We will register your property with OMAFRA as required under the bee act and take care of any and all inspections.  As the season progresses, we will visit your property a minimum of once per week until the nectar flow, then once every other week to monitor the bees and honey production.

The cost for this program is $500.00 + HST, Per Hive.

You keep 25% of the honey from the hive(s) on your property.

A 25% non refundable deposit will be required upon booking.

 Send Email to: for more details. 

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